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You must have instructor approval if this is your first time registering for an agility class with IADW

Please Note: All class prices will be increasing effective October 1st 2016. Thank you 

Our unique Agility Track provides you with the skills you need to successfully navigate an agility course and continue on to competition. Agility is a great way to have fun and build your relationship with your dog even if you don’t plan on competing! 

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Each week we publish an Agility Course Map to help you and your dog hone your skills. Enjoy!

Please note: When renting the Agility Arena, please put everything back where it belongs including the tunnels that get shifted out of place. Students and instructors count on the numbered courses to be accurate. Thank you!


IADW CM for the week of 08:29:2016 – USDAA Regional GP round 1 – Dave Grubel


“All my best runs happen when I’m expecting absolutely nothing, and just go and run for the fun of it.”

“I just love challenges and my favorite courses to run in trials, are the ones where I’m not quite sure if I can do it – and because of this attitude, I usually do those best!”

Silvia Trkman


Student Spotlight

Brian and Toby “The Great” have been students in Desiree’s Tuesday morning class for over 5 years. They might have only missed 2 classes in that time period. That is no small accomplishment in that they commute from Camano Island! It does not matter what she throughs at them for challenges; they always make it through. They are a well oiled team! We love the attitude and spirit this team brings with them every week to IADW.



Brian Trede with Toby

Toby, a Miniature Schnauzer, turned 12 years old in June. Although small 
for a miniature schnauzer, Toby is a spirited competitor who loves 
agility. In spite of a number of serious health issues (a broken bone in
his knee at 3 1/2, a liver shunt at 4, and an osteosarcoma on his lower
jaw at 7 years old), Toby has excelled in his agility career. He earned
6 agility champion titles and was the #2 Miniature Schnauzer in the AKC
national rankings before switching to the Preferred agility class
shortly before his ninth birthday.

As a Preferred agility dog, Toby has earned 9 more agility champion titles and has been the top Preferred
Miniature Schnauzer in the AKC national rankings for three straight years.

With over 400 master level QQs to his credit, Toby is proof that canine
cancer survivors can do fun activities like agility, and can even
compete at the national level!






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