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Agility Foundation

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Fun and Fit

 Prerequisite: Manners one or instructor approval

This class works on improving the dog’s body awareness, coordination, stabilization, balance, strength and flexibility through interacting with novel objects. This class is ideal for performance dogs or dogs that like to be active. Watch your dog’s focus and confidence improve while having a blast! 6 weeks $128. This class is required for Fun & Focus 1

Fun and Fit Requirements​

Your dog should be solid in the following before taking Fun and Fit.

  • Sit and down on verbal cue
  • Sit and Down on both sides
  • Some duration to sit and down
  • Basic understanding of crate games
  • Basic “It’s Your Choice”
  •  Good name response
  • Can do some heeling
  • Can focus on handler with other dogs around
  • Short off leash recall



Fun and Focus 1

 Prerequisite: Fun and Fit or instructor approval

​In this class, we emphasize on targeting and building and transferring value. Dogs are taught to interact with fun objects such as ladders, tippy boards, perches, cones, hoops and planks etc. Handler engages the dog in play between exercises to have fun and encourage drive.  It is a preparatory class for dogs continuing on to Agility, Rally or Obedience. 6 weeks $128. This class is required for Fun and Focus 2.



Fun and Focus 2

 Prerequisite:   Fun and focus one or instructor approval

This class builds on the skills learned in Fun and Focus 1 while developing handling techniques needed to effectively communicate on the agility course; such as front and rear crosses. This class is also great for improving off leash control for pet dog owners that do not plan on competing in agility.  Introduces equipment such as the tunnel, chute and table. 6 weeks $128. This class is required for Fun and Focus 3.



Fun and Focus 3

Prerequisite: Fun & Focus 2 or instructor approval

This class will focus on contacts and weaves. Teach your dog to do weave poles and contacts with enthusiasm and precision, right from the start! 8 weeks $168. This class is required before Beginning Agility. 



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Located in Sumner, Washington, It's a Dog's World is part of Sumner Veterinary Hospital's three-acre dynamic complex. This 18,000 square foot training center teaches dog owners the most current, science-based dog training techniques and offers classes that include Pet Dog Classes, Obedience Classes, K9 Nose Work® Classes, Agility Classes, and Fun & Fit Classes.

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