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Competition Obedience & AKC Rally

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Obedience Sports Foundation 

Prerequisite: Instructor approval is required

This is not your traditional Beginner Competition Obedience class!  You will learn how to be a better trainer and handler! No cookie cutter approach to teaching the exercises. The how and why will be explained. Curriculum is custom made to each class and each individual. All levels of dogs and handlers are welcome.This class may be required for Competition Obedience and Rally 101.  Topics may include learning theory, clicker training, engagement, positions (heeling, front, down, Stand, sit ETC), play skills, laying the foundation of many necessary skills for handlers and dogs. Max of 6 dogs, 6 weeks, $135.




Rally Obedience 101, 102, and 103

Prerequisite: Foundation class or instructor approval  


AKC Rally is an exciting sport that is a stepping stone from the Canine Good Citizen program to the world of obedience and agility. Learn how to successfully navigate through a Rally course with numbered signs indicating different exercises to perform.  Handlers are encouraged to communicate and have fun with their dogs during their practice and competitions.  Max of 5 dogs , 7 weeks $165

AKC Rally Obedience Drop-In

The Rally Obedience Drop-in class is the class to take after completion of Rally Obedience 101/102. The class is a great place to start to prepare for Rally Competition. The Rally courses are set up for the Excellent level, but will accommodate any level. $15 for the first dog, $5 for additional dogs in the same family. Anyone who is currently competing is encouraged to come. Every Wednesday night at 7:15.

Competition Obedience

Prerequisite: Foundation class or instructor approval

This positive reinforcement-based class prepares you and your dog for the competition obedience ring.  Learn exercises for novice, open, and utility. Class is tailor made to the individuals  in it. Learn proper etiquette and ring procedures; as well as ensure you and your dog develop the teamwork and trust necessary for a successful career. Max of 6 dogs,  6 weeks and $135


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