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Common Training Questions Answered

Although every dog is an individual, like people, many dogs seem to share the same traits, and many owners find themselves confronted with similar problems. Although the following should not be considered a substitute for private lessons or classes, you may find the information helpful in addressing some of the more common problems your puppy or dog may be having.

Correcting inappropriate behavior

Training should be accomplished using positive reinforcement, not punishment.  Unfortunately, most people instinctively punish bad behavior and ignore good behavior.  Obtaining social contact and getting attention from an owner are strong motivational factors for dogs.  Giving and withdrawing attention is a powerful training tool owners can use to either increase or decrease the frequency of certain behavior patterns.   If dogs receive attention only when they are acting appropriately (e.g., sitting quietly rather than demanding attention), they will learn to associate certain behaviors with the pleasure of receiving attention.  If they are ignored for pestering, attention-seeking behaviors, they will learn to associate these behaviors with the absence of attention.

When owners resort to “punishing” bad behavior and ignoring good behavior, they often end up inadvertently encouraging the bad behavior.  For example, yelling at a puppy who is whining in his crate provides the puppy with the attention he wants, thereby teaching him that whining causes you to respond.  Another example is screaming at a dog to be quiet when it races to the front door, when someone rings the bell.  The dog often loves the excited commotion of the owner making such a fuss over him.

Teaching Bite Inhibition

Social Needs & Socialization

9 Commandments of Raising a Perfect Dog


Crate Training

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Located in Sumner, Washington, It's a Dog's World is part of Sumner Veterinary Hospital's three-acre dynamic complex. This 18,000 square foot training center teaches dog owners the most current, science-based dog training techniques and offers classes that include Pet Dog Classes, Obedience Classes, K9 Nose Work® Classes, Agility Classes, and Fun & Fit Classes.

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