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We have a lot of great talent in the works for our Workshops and Seminars!

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Minimum 7 day cancellation for full refund on other workshops and seminars hosted by It’s a Dog’s World- unless otherwise noted.

Heeling Seminar

With Shade Whitesel

January 14th and 15th 2017


It’s a Dog’s World

Sumner, WA


This seminar will address how to teach all the pieces of flashy, competition, heeling, put them all together and includes a problem solving section on Sunday afternoon for teams that need it. Good heeling is good heeling, whether it is for AKC or IPO, the position is the same and happy confident dogs are the dogs winning the points. Join Shade as she teaches how to clicker shape every aspect of heeling to create the pushy thinking behavior that her dogs are known for.

Dogs and students that would do best in this seminar are ones that are already familiar with Shade’s methods via physical lessons or on line through the Fenzi academy. Operant dogs that don’t have Shade’s foundation would also be appropriate. A love of food or toy (with Shade’s toy skills) and the ability to work and not be stressed or frustrated in a seminar environment are also needed. Dogs that would not do well are ones that are nervous in the seminar environment, or do not have a solid foundation. Handlers would do best to register as observers in these situations so they can participate in the next seminar!


Working spot (limited to 10): $150 per day

Audit spot (unlimited): $80 per day





Heeling behaviors:


Head Position

Rear End Awareness

Focal Point



Placement of Reward

Backing Up

Lateral Movements


Problem Solving






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K9 Nose work Seminar with Christina Bunn Oct 1st and 2nd!

NACSW  Judge and instructor, Christina Bunn brings her 17 years of professional detection K9 training with her into the wonderful sport of K9 Nosework. Her expertise is helping handlers recognize the potential in their own dog by building relationship.


The Heart of Teamwork

Utilizing a nonspeaking being to find something you cannot see is what Nosework is all about. It requires teamwork to bring two species, dog and human, together working towards the same goal: finding the odor source.. This seminar will focus on just that teamwork and what that means for you and your own dog.

October 1, 2016 9:00-5:00

K9 Nosework Levels 1 and 2– Foundation, Foundation, Foundation

What is odor obedience? What does “Trust Your Dog” really mean?

October 2, 2016 9:00-5:00bunn

K9 Nosework Levels 3 and Elitebunn2

Time Management in the Search Area-High Hides– When to Hold ‘em and When to Fold’em


Working spots: $150 per day

Audit spots: $80 per day

Location: It’s a Dog’s World  16024 60th St. E  Sumner, WA

253-863-8387 or






Workshop On Learning Theory and Behavior Shaping for Dog Training with Kathy Sdao

September 10 & 11, 2016

The Newfoundland Club of Seattle has the honor of hosting this exciting and informative workshop on the science and skills of dog training with Kathy Sdao.  Regardless of your experience level, you will not want to miss this unique opportunity.

Shaping is a powerful & fun training technique. Its applications are virtually limitless and include basic obedience behaviors, tricks, service-dog tasks and winning conformation moves. Our focus for this weekend workshop will be a deeper understanding of the underlying science of behavior shaping and the practical skills needed. We’ll split our time between lecture and training exercises with several dog-and-handler teams. On each day of the workshop, we’ll work on a goal behavior that can accommodate beginners and more advanced teams. People who attend without a dog (i.e., the auditors) will be able to observe and assist with the training.

Kathy Sdao is an applied animal behaviorist.  She has over 30 years of experience as an animal trainer, first with marine mammals and now with dogs and their people.  She received a master’s degree in experimental psychology and was then hired by the United States Navy (Department of Defense) to train dolphins for applied open-ocean tasks. After that, Kathy spent five years as a marine-mammal trainer at the Point Defiance Zoo & Aquarium in Tacoma Washington. There she expanded her training skills by working with beluga whales, walruses, porpoises, sea lions, otters and polar bears. After leaving the zoo world, Kathy and a colleague created Tacoma’s first dog-daycare facility, Puget Hound Daycare.

Since selling Puget Hound in 1998, Kathy has owned and managed Bright Spot Dog Training. Services include consulting with families about their challenging dogs (50-75 per year), teaching private lessons to dogs and their owners, and coaching novices and professionals to cross over to positive-reinforcement training. She’s taught more than 200 seminars, workshops, conference presentations & webinars, enjoying these opportunities to share her passion for the incredible power of positive-reinforcement training, confirmed over decades of working with dozens of species.  

Saturday September 10

Lecture 1: A brief overview of learning theory for animal trainers

Skills practice for trainers: sequence of marker & treat


Skills practice for trainers: timing of marker

Lecture 2: Ways to get behavior

Training session 1: photos/videos of goal behavior 1; make plan; begin training


Training session 2: Practice shaping & collecting data

Lecture 3: Review SMART; Why use a marker?

Training Session 3: Raise criteria & continue collecting data


Lecture 4: Reinforcement options

Training Session 4: Final training & demos

Sunday September 11

Q & A

Training Session 5: photos/videos of goal behavior 2; make plan; begin training


Lecture 5: Seeing behavior

Training Session 6: Practice shaping & collecting data


Lecture 6: Creating powerful cues

Training Session 7: Raise criteria & continue collecting data


Lecture 7: Choosing cues with care

Training Session 8: Final training & demos

Working Spaces are limited so sign up early.  The working spaces are for both days.  

There is no limit on audit spaces.

Working Space:  $300 (Saturday and Sunday)

Audit Space:  $150 (Saturday and Sunday)

Audit Space for one day: $100 (Saturday or Sunday)






AKC Open OB Video

IPO BH with her young dog

Dutch Shepherd Nationals 2012

Some Nice work from her young dog


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