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Cindy McCarty

Cindy McCarty, Preschool, Manners, Fun and Focus instructor and Receptionist

Cindy can’t remember a time when she did not have a dog! She feels she was always meant to be a trainer. Cindy’s first formal training was with 4H. At that time, Cindy won many ribbons with her dog, PooKah, a small and hairy mixed breed. Cindy became more serious about training around 1982 with her Bearded Collie Lacie and a mixed breed named Pooh Bear. Lacies’ training led to AKC Obedience competitions, a Toyota commercial and a movie called Puddin’ Head Wilson. Cindy hasn’t stopped training since.

Cindy has shared her home with mostly mixed breeds but has had a few purebred dogs too. Currently, Cindy’s pack includes Gus, a lab mix who is almost 12 years old and Gracie and Hank, two 10 year old Golden Retrievers who happen to be half siblings. Cindy recently lost her 17 year old Retriever-Spaniel mix, Rockie, who was the smartest and most pleasant dog she had ever encountered! She yearns for a puppy though, so she is excited to see what 2012 brings her way!

Cindy has had the chance to work with clients with all sorts of breeds, every class is a new adventure and she loves coming upon a breed that she hasn’t been around much! Cindy has trained sight hounds, herding dogs and mixed breeds from big to small. Cindy has also trained for AKC Obedience Competition, Agility and K9 Nose work. Currently, she does not compete with her dogs. Her emphasis for many years has been having a great dog at home.

Cindy has attended many seminars and conferences, including the Clicker Expo and the yearly APDT (Association of Pet Dog Trainers). The expo and APDT are two of her favorites and are the most inspirational to her! Also, any seminar that Kathy Sdao speaks at, Cindy is there! She was the biggest inspiration to Cindy when she became a trainer. Cindy once went to an Agility seminar where the instructor emphasized, “You need a good dog at home to have a great performance dog.” Cindy loves that! She can help you with the “good dog at home” part, and lucky for you we have several top notch instructors who can help with the “great performance dog” part!

Dogs are Cindy’s passion and she surrounds herself with them as much as she can. She loves the companionship a dog gives her. Cindy has a very strong conviction to help dog owners cultivate a relationship with their dog, so the family can live harmoniously under the same “woof”. She gets great satisfaction from seeing the relationship between the human and dog develop and grow.

So, that is why she teaches at It’s A Dogs World! She believes in the commitment IADW has to its clients, both human and canine. She feels she can make a difference for the family who just got a new puppy, the person who just adopted an older dog or the couple who just added a 4th dog to their pack!
Cindy hopes to meet you and your canine companion.  


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