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Lanelle Warrick

Lanelle Warrick Competition Obedience and Rally-O instructor

Lanelle has trained dogs for about 35 years, but she feels like her “real” training began about 8 years ago when she embraced the concept of clicker training. Lanelle always felt she and her dog were a team, but that took it to another level. The first dog that Lanelle trained was a German Shepherd from a shelter. Lanelle and he learned via the methods at the time. The two of them did very well in the 4H obedience program in spite of the method. Lanelle now has four Newfoundlands and 2 beagles. Only one is retired, the other 5 have a variety of training venues and schedules.

Lanelle has worked with several breeds, including her own, German Shepherd, Newfoundland, beagle and whippet. She has had the opportunity to have classes with dogs from just about every group over the years. Lanelle’s Newfoundlands have earned many breed specific titles, including water rescue and carting titles in both the US and Canada. Lanelle is also a Newfoundland Club of America mentor level judge for both water and draft work. She has put CD and CDX titles on Newfoundlands, a beagle and a whippet.

She has also recently dabbled in Rally and have titled up to RA level so far. She just started competing in agility with one of the beagles and to date has earned an NA and NAJ. She also shows her dogs in conformation and has finished several champions. Lanelle has attended many seminars ranging from breeding to behavior to obedience. She has also attended the Clicker Expo twice and is scheduled again this year.

The best advice Lanelle got regarding dog training was to be an advocate for your dog – if something doesn’t feel right to you don’t do it. The thing Lanelle enjoys most about instructing is watching the teams grow in skills and confidence. The thing Lanelle enjoys most about dogs is trying to figure out how to communicate effectively with them in a way that is fun for both of us!


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