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Margarita Knowlton, B.Sc., RVT, KPA-CTP

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Margarita Knowlton, B.Sc., RVT, KPA-CTP Manners Instructor, Canine Freestyle instructor. 

Margarita started her career in the animal field as a veterinary assistant in 2000, later to become a registered veterinary technician in 2005. During that time she also volunteered at numerous animal shelters and a few years later accepted a position as an adoption counselor at Baltimore Animal Rescue Center in Maryland. While working at the animal shelter, she realized how many dogs ended up in there due to behavioral problems. Day after day she witness dogs being surrendered because of undesirable but easily fixed behavioral issues. It was then, when she decided to become a professional dog trainer. She wanted the dogs to never have to experience being in an animal shelter due to behavioral problems or lack of manners. Thus her dog training career started by enrolling in Karen Pryor Academy for training and behavior in 2011.

Margarita’s husband’s military career has taken them to many places around the country and abroad. She has had a chance to work in numerous veterinary hospitals, animal shelters, and has accumulated extensive experience working with dogs of all ages, breeds, and temperaments. Margarita is committed to stay current with developments in her field, as she continuously builds her education in animal training and behavior by attending courses and seminars (online and in person) with the very best professionals in dog training. Some of her favorites include Kathy Sdao, Sue Stenberg, Leslie McDevitt, Chris, Bach, Pamela Denison, Pia Silvani, Leslie Nelson, Karen Overall, Patricia McConell and Sophia Yin. Clicker expo is often a destination of hers! 

She shares her home with her  Canine Freestyle ‘partner’ Alyeska


‘Wag it games’ instructor’s course (2015)

Certified Training Partner, Karen Pryor Academy for Training and Behavior (2011)

Associate Degree in Veterinary Technology, Columbia State Community College (2005)image 5

Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering, University of Mexico (1995)

The Academy for Dog Trainers, online course (2013-2014)

Dangerous Dogs Conference, Davis, CA (2014)

Veterinary Behavior Technician Internship with Dr. Melissa Bain, DVM,DACVB  and Sophia Yin, DVM (2014)

Clicker Expo,2012, Nashville, TN

Clicker Expo, 2010, Portland, OR

Association of Pet Dog Trainers Conference, 2009, Oakland, CA


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